About us

WiseDataSecurity (WSD) is an initiative to educate and empower every Internet user about data security information and threats in the cyber world. WSD believes in enabling Internet users in acclimatizing with the continuous digital transformation.

The cyber world provides enormous opportunities but also generates numerous security threats. WSD focuses in providing pertinent information about the latest and emerging trends and threats associated with data security.

WSD not only focus on identifying and reporting the security-related information and threats but also in providing proactive and reactive mitigation strategies and solutions. This ensures WSD followers to effectively manage the existing and emerging data security threats in the cyber world.

WSD is involved in continuous research and analysis with respect to data security. We associate with seasoned data security experts across the world to provide relevant information about data security and solutions to security threats, to WSD readers.

WSD is an initiative by two IT professionals who are determined to accelerate the awareness levels of Internet users about cybersecurity.  The primary objective of setting up WSD is to provide a platform for security experts to share their knowledge so that users in the cyber world are continuously appraised about the new and emerging paradigms associated with cybersecurity.  Additionally, WSD will be constantly analyzing and coming up with blogs and media on existing and upcoming trends and threats in the cyber world.

Brains behind WSD


Balamurugan is a seasoned IT professional with extensive experience in the field of data and information security. He is a techno-functional professional with a wealth of knowledge and enjoys sharing his knowledge through discussions and blogs. Balamurugan is a data security expert, a continuous thinker and an innovative solution provider. His expertise lies in Infrastructure management, especially cloud-based infrastructure. Balamurugan is the master strategist at WSD.


Sujith is a versatile IT professional having exposure to several domains, such as eLearning and technical communication. He has extensive experience in program management, project management, and people management. Sujith manages the content at WSD.