What is Phishing?


What is Phishing? It is the process of fraudulently getting sensitive and confidential information, such as the usernames, passwords, and credit card. This information is often used by phishers by disguising as a reliable source and information are often used for… Continue Reading


What is Crimeware?


Crimeware is a toolkit that enables hackers to design malware, such as adware, spyware, and trojan, with the primary intention of committing an illegal activity, such as stealing your identity or compromising your financial information. Crimeware is a fast emerging… Continue Reading


What is Ransomware?


Ransomware is a threat in the cyber world that you should be aware if you do not want to lose your hard-earned money. You might have heard about the famous WannaCry Ransomware attack during the year 2017. So what is… Continue Reading


Cyber insurance

cyber insurance

Cybersecurity is important in today’s internet world. To recover business or individual from any cyber risks or internet based risks, there are insurance products available in the market called cyber insurance. It doesn’t protect business or individual from any cyber attack or… Continue Reading


What is Cybercrime ?

Cyber crime

Cybercrime refers to any crime that is committed through the Internet. It includes activities such as phishing and hacking that are done with malicious objectives, such as conducting frauds, accessing and misusing data, and sending scam messages. Types of Cybercrime Phishing Identity… Continue Reading


Advantages of Digital Technology


Great that you have visited WiseDataSecurity! We are happy to see you here and we expect you to come back again because we will frequently be updating relevant information about data security and advantages of digital technology across this space. In… Continue Reading