What is pharming?


Have you ever been redirected to a fake website that was similar to the genuine website that you were trying to access even when you provided the correct URL in the browser? If yes, you have been a victim of… Continue Reading


Stay Safe in Public Wi-Fi


In today’s digital world, you have access to Wi-Fi in numerous public locations, such as the Airport, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. So, how do you stay safe in Public Wi-Fi? Public Wi-Fi may be a secured one or an unsecured one.… Continue Reading


Privacy risks


Are you an active participant in social media? If yes, have you ever imagined the impact of the information that you post in the social media? If you do not apply adequate restrictions, your privacy may be intruded and you… Continue Reading


What is Antivirus software?

best antivirus software

When there is a computer virus, there got to be Antivirus software which is nothing but a software used to protect an operating system from Viruses. There are several companies providing Antivirus software which are available for download as free and paid versions.… Continue Reading


What is Phishing?


What is Phishing? It is the process of fraudulently getting sensitive and confidential information, such as the usernames, passwords, and credit card. This information is often used by phishers by disguising as a reliable source and information are often used for… Continue Reading


What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft

Identity theft is a significant threat in today’s digital world that is often overlooked by Internet users. Identity theft is not a joke. It is the process by which a person fraudulently uses another person’s identity for his or her… Continue Reading


What is Crimeware?


Crimeware is a toolkit that enables hackers to design malware, such as adware, spyware, and trojan, with the primary intention of committing an illegal activity, such as stealing your identity or compromising your financial information. Crimeware is a fast emerging… Continue Reading




Cyberbullying is a crime where a person bullies or threatens another person through the Internet. It involves sending threatening messages to a person or sharing rumors and incorrect information about a person in public with an intention to insult or… Continue Reading


Ransomware WannaCry


You may have heard about Ransomware WannaCry. Do you clearly know what WannaCry is and the impact it made in the world stage? WannaCry is a Ransomware that used a loophole in the older versions of the Microsoft operating system… Continue Reading


What is social engineering?

Social engineering

What is social engineering? Are you aware of how it is done and the impact it may have on you? Social engineering is one of the popular phishing methods executed using psychological manipulation. In social engineering fraud, the hackers or attackers… Continue Reading