Cyber Security

In today’s cyber world, the Internet users should enable themselves to take proactive and reactive measures with respect to data security.

security management

Some of the important steps measures for ensuring data security are listed here:

  • Install antivirus: Install a reputed antivirus software to proactively detecting and protecting from virus threats.
  • Beware of suspicious messages: Do not open attachments in suspicious email messages.
  • Scan suspicious files: Do not download and run suspicious files from the Internet without scanning.
  • Install Internet Security Suite: Ensure that you either configure the built-in Firewall or install the Internet Security Suite.
  • Install Ad blocker: Ensure that you install a reputed Adblocker to filter the content and effectively block advertisements.
  • Install anti-spyware: Ensure that you install an anti-spyware software or an antivirus software bundled with anti-spyware protection.
  • Visit only genuine and trusted websites: Do not visit suspicious, fake, and unsafe websites.
  • Keep up to date: Update yourself with the latest and emerging threats and frauds in the cyber world so that you are capable of detecting and mitigating them at initial stages.