Cyberbullying is a crime where a person bullies or threatens another person through the Internet. It involves sending threatening messages to a person or sharing rumors and incorrect information about a person in public with an intention to insult or threaten. Cyberbullies use various digital devices, such as the mobile phones and computers, and communication methodologies, such as the email messages, text messages, games, and social media for bullying.


Cyberbullying examples

  • Threaten to post incorrect or malign information in social media. 
  • Threaten to upload inappropriate photos or videos in photos or video sharing websites

Cyberbullying prevention

Some of the measures that will help you to protect from cyberbullying are listed here:

Set Privacy: Ensure that your personal information is available only to your friends or acquaintances. Most of the social media or networking websites provide you with privacy options to set the level of information that can be shared among different groups of people.

Report cyberbullying: If you are faced with cyberbullying, report it immediately to the online service providers, and if there is no result, register a complaint with the cyber crime investigation cell of the police.

Never bully: Do not participate in cyberbullying. Never forward information that bullies, embarrass, or hurt others.

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