What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a significant threat in today’s digital world that is often overlooked by Internet users. Identity theft is not a joke. It is the process by which a person fraudulently uses another person’s identity for his or her benefit, such as securing credits and loans. This blog will assist you with the best identity theft protection mechanisms.

Identity theft information

In the cyber world, your identity is always under threat in various ways, such as your information, photos, and videos available in social media and professional networks and financial information available in the bank accounts or in payment gateways, such as the PayPal and Citrus Payments. So, how do you ensure that your identity is protected online so that no opportunity is available for a third party to perform identity theft and use your personal information to get a credit card or avail loans?

Identity theft examples

Someone misusing your id cards, your mark sheets, your identity to obtain a loan etc

Identity theft prevention

  • Share less: Provide only limited information on social media so that the chances of identity theft are minimized.
  • Beware of spam email messages: Use your intelligence to identify spam and scams. For example, if you get an email message from a different country that you have won a million $US through an online lottery, it should be almost 100% spam.
  • Verify website reputation: Use your credit card and bank accounts for shopping in only reputed websites because this information can be used for identity theft if they land in the hands of fraudsters.
  • Track the credit score: Constantly monitor your credit score and ensure that there are no major variations. If your credit score has considerably reduced in the recent past, someone may have fraudulently used your identity for gaining financial benefits, such as for availing loan and not making repayments.
  • Report identity theft: If you detect identity theft, immediately report it to the Police.
  • Physical documents: When you share physical copies of an ID or address proof, ensure that you are giving it to only an authorized person. Additionally, ensure that you use a paper shredder to dispose of unwanted documents instead of dumping them in a dustbin.

Identity theft Report: If you become a victim of identity theft, you can report to the concerned department.Identity theft report


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